Apr 252013

So, I got really tired of cleaning the chickens’ water about 100 times a day.  They sure are fowl creatures sometimes.

Anyways, I decided to make some Chicken Waterinators that they couldn’t kick full of bedding as soon as I put them in the brooder.

I bought a 50 pack of chicken nipples from Amazon.com, and used a couple of old fast food drink cups and had perfect brooder size waterers – with no mess!



Chicken Waterinator – side view




Chicken Waterinator – bottom view





Chicken Waterinator installed into the brooder


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Apr 232013

Behold, the power of my Cable Organizator.  No longer will i buy cables that I already own!

cable_organizerNow, I’m trying to remember why I have a bin labeled “wireless”, because this is an inator for storing wires, so why would I need wireless wires?  I need to keep better notes when working on these projects…

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Apr 182013

I’ve setup a ChickenCaminator to lull the citizenry of the tri-state area into a false sense of peace. You can visit the chicken cam, but it might only work in Firefox or Chrome.  If it asks you for a password, use the User ID “public” (without the quotes) with no password.

Apr 102013

Some of the most classic evil is breaking law, and I’m working evil like crazy this spring.

Stupid Danville outlawed raising chickens unless you’re on a gazillion-acre farm.  Probably because raising chickens was one of the few things I was better at than my brother Roger when we were growing up in Drusselstein.  Anyways, I decided to stick it to the man by raising my own flock of chickens this year.

chickens in the broodinator

chicks in the broodinator

evil never looked so cute!

evil never looked so cute!