May 212013

Perfboard Arduino After working out some kinks with the Borduinoinator and the Arduino USB Serial Light Adapter (hint: hit the reset button right before uploading your sketch), I decided it was was time to build a more permanent model.  Following a pretty good instructable, I was able to knock this out in no time.  And it worked on the first try!

I added the red LED in the upper left hand corner to show when power was flowing through the voltage regulator, something I found very handy in the  Borduinoinator.

I think for the next one, I’ll try moving the power supply, as shown here. Also, I’ll probably do more connecting the traces on the underside for less cabling, but it was nice to be able to “see” everything up top on this first model.  I’ll also use better wire – I used breadboard cross-connects, which melted a little bit when I soldered them.

My actual cost for this bad boy was $8.33, which isn’t too bad.  I’ll be going back to the Breadboard for development of some things – mainly because my soldering is a little weak, but it will be nice to be able to use these for the final products!

Behold the beauty of a blinking LED:

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Apr 232013

Behold, the power of my Cable Organizator.  No longer will i buy cables that I already own!

cable_organizerNow, I’m trying to remember why I have a bin labeled “wireless”, because this is an inator for storing wires, so why would I need wireless wires?  I need to keep better notes when working on these projects…

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Apr 102013

Some of the most classic evil is breaking law, and I’m working evil like crazy this spring.

Stupid Danville outlawed raising chickens unless you’re on a gazillion-acre farm.  Probably because raising chickens was one of the few things I was better at than my brother Roger when we were growing up in Drusselstein.  Anyways, I decided to stick it to the man by raising my own flock of chickens this year.

chickens in the broodinator

chicks in the broodinator

evil never looked so cute!

evil never looked so cute!